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Motor Vehicle Accident - April 2023

Our client injured her neck, back, hip, lower extremities, and bilateral shoulders. Our client underwent two surgeries one to her cervical spine and the other to her lumber spine.

Case Background:

Type of Case: Car Accident
Date of Incident: April 2023
Settlement Amount: $2,986,500

The Accident:

In April 2023, our client experienced a life-altering event as a result of a motor vehicle accident. The accident left our client with a range of debilitating injuries, including those to her neck, back, hip, lower extremities, and bilateral shoulders.

Legal Advocacy and Dedication:

At Vaziri Law Group, APC, we are committed to securing justice and rightful compensation for individuals who have suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents. In this particular case, our legal team demonstrated unwavering dedication and advocacy to help our client on her path to recovery.

Our comprehensive approach involved gathering substantial evidence, consulting with medical experts, and interviewing witnesses to build a compelling case. We wanted to ensure that our client's physical, emotional, and financial needs were addressed and that the responsible party was held accountable for their actions.

The Settlement:

Thanks to our tireless efforts, we successfully negotiated a settlement of $2,986,500 for our client. This substantial settlement encompasses not only our client's extensive medical expenses but also takes into account her pain and suffering, lost income, and future care requirements. It is a testament to the commitment we have to our clients' best interests.

Our client underwent two surgeries as a result of her injuries, one to her cervical spine and the other to her lumbar spine. This settlement aims to provide her with the necessary support and resources to aid in her recovery and secure her future.

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