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Auto v. Auto - February 2022

Our client sustained neck, lower back injuries and a Traumatic Brain Injury resulting in neck, and a lower back surgery recommendation.

Case Background:

Type of Case: Car Accident Claim
Date of Incident: February 2022
Settlement Amount: $3,030,000

The Accident:

In February 2022, a life-altering event occurred when our client was involved in a collision between two vehicles. The impact of the accident resulted in our client sustaining injuries to the neck and lower back. More significantly, our client also suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a result of the accident.

Legal Advocacy and Dedication:

At Vaziri Law Group, APC, we are dedicated to representing and advocating for clients who have experienced severe injuries in auto accidents. In this particular case, our legal team exhibited unwavering commitment and dedication to ensuring our client's rights were protected and that they received the compensation they deserved.

Our legal strategy involved a comprehensive approach that encompassed thorough evidence collection, expert consultations, and witness interviews. We were determined to establish the responsible party's liability and secure the necessary resources for our client's physical and financial recovery.

The Settlement:

Through our tireless efforts, we successfully negotiated a settlement of $3,030,000 on behalf of our client. This substantial settlement accounts for not only our client's extensive medical expenses but also the physical and emotional pain and suffering endured, lost income, and the ongoing medical care and treatment required.

The seriousness of the client's injuries, particularly the Traumatic Brain Injury, necessitated surgical recommendations for the neck and lower back. This settlement is designed to provide our client with the financial support needed to access these recommended treatments and secure their future well-being.

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