Verdicts and Settlements

  • $2,000,000

    Settlement - The Defendant failed to brake and slammed into our client's vehicle with his heavy truck and trailer. One client injured her neck, back, and right shoulder. She underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair the rotator cuff in her right shoulder.  To tr... Read On

  • $2,000,000

    Settlement - Our client was walking inside a hotel when she slipped and fell off an incline that was not visible. She sustained a fracture of the left distal radiolus, right ulna, both wrists along with facial lacerations. Our client underwent cervical spine fusion surgery.  Ca... Read On

  • $2,000,000

    Settlement - Our client was rear ended by a semi truck, with the defendant driver presumably asleep, with his cruise control on, at night, driving with a known damaged collision avoidance radar system, resulting in our client undergoing a cervical fusion and total knee replacement. Read On

  • $1,900,000

    Settlement - Our client was rear-ended by the defendant and was recommended for ablations for their ongoing neck complaints and a stimulator for his low back complaints. Read On

  • $1,850,000

    Settlement - Our client was traveling southbound on his motorcycle. The defendant was traveling eastbound attempting to make a left turn causing her compact SUV to collide with our client's motorcycle. As a result of the collision with Defendant's vehicle, our cli... Read On

  • $1,697,073

    Verdict - On March 24, 2023, a Santa Monica jury returned a $1,697,073 verdict in favor of our client who was the victim of a side-swipe partial rollover crash on the I-5 Southbound. We are thrilled for our client who is a great guy that was taken advantage of ... Read On

  • $1,535,000

    Settlement - Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that lost control due to a tire blowout. The vehicle lost control and hit a semi-truck. We were successful in establishing that the tire was defective and should not have been on the road. Read On

  • $1,534,000

    Settlement - Our clients were rear-ended in a violent collision resulting in themstriking the vehicle in front of them. One client suffered an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery and another client suffered a lumbar decompression and fusion surgery at L4-S1. Read On

  • $1,500,000

    Settlement - Our client was riding on the back of a golf cart with 4-5 classmates at school. They were approaching the end of a building when another golf cart, operated by school landscape employees, came out from behind and t-boned the plaintiff. As a result, the plaintiff... Read On

  • $1,400,000

    Settlement - Our client was rear-ended by utility truck. The client suffered neck and back injuries that required multiple injections as well as neck surgery. Read On

  • $1,350,000

    Settlement - Our client sustained a significant orthopedic injury that required multiple surgeries. The defendant initial denied liability placing our client 100% at fault for his fall. We were successful in establishing liability and getting the client compensated for the inju... Read On

  • $1,300,000

    Settlement - The defendant's air brake system on their tractor trailer failed unexpectedly, causing the defendant to lose control and collide with our client's vehicle.  Read On

  • $1,275,000

    Settlement - Our client was involved in a slip and fall accident resulting in a cervical fusion and traumatic brain injury. Read On

  • $1,250,000

    Settlement - Our client was riding a bicycle when they were sideswiped. This resulted in a traumatic brain injury and a femur fracture. Read On

  • $1,136,000

    Settlement - Our client was rear-ended by the defendant, who was in the course and scope of employment. Read On

  • $1,370,000

    Settlement - Our client was violently hit by a commercial defendant. Our client sustained injuries to the lower-back that required surgical intervention. Read On

  • $1,250,000

    Settlement - Decedent who was jaywalking across the street at night was struck and killed. Vaziri Law Group successfully recovered 1.25 million dollars to provide for the surviving five adult children, twenty-five grandchildren, and eight great grandkids. Read On

  • $1,100,000

    Settlement - Our client fell through an unsecured pool drain cover at a southern California hotel chain, resulting in two knee surgeries, shoulder surgery, and aggravated neck injury leading to disputed cervical spinal fusion surgery. Read On

  • $1,000,000

    Settlement - Our client was hit by Defendant who made a sudden movement with his vehicle causing the two vehicles to collide. The impact caused our client's vehicle to rollover and sustain catastrophic injuries. His injuries consisted of headaches, broken front... Read On

  • $1,000,000

    Settlement - This was a Semi-truck v Semi-truck auto collision. Our client suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and neck surgery. Read On

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