Truck Accidents

About Us Trucks are a vital part of American life. They ship groceries and goods all over the nation, and they are the reason

Premises Liability

About Us Premises Liability cases are more commonly known as “slip and fall cases,” but that does not mean that this type of personal

Pedestrian Accidents

About Us California is known as a state that loves its cars, but its beautiful cities and expansive coasts are also highly inviting to

Motorcycle Accidents

About Us Motorcycle accidents often lead to extensive personal injury for the rider. Considering that motorcycle riders are not encased in a protective cab,

Lyft/Uber Accidents

About Us Rideshare applications, like Uber and Lyft, are incredibly popular. Rideshare accidents can become incredibly complicated if one occurs. Between the rideshare driver,

Dog Bites

About Us In some states, dog owners are only liable for dog bites if they know that an animal may be dangerous. That means

Bus Accidents

About Us Buses are ubiquitous in Los Angeles. They bring millions of children to and from school every day, but they are a significant

Bicycle Accidents

About Us Bicycling is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and get from point A to point B. In California,

Automobile Accidents

About Us The majority of California residents get behind the wheel of a car every day. Driving has become so routine for people that