Common hazards at entertainment and recreation venues
Vaziri March 4, 2022

When we take a break to go to a recreational place, be it a park, a football stadium, an amusement park, etc., we do so with the intention of having fun with family and friends. However, when visiting these places we can also find some dangers or risks that can end in accidents.

From a simple baseball game in the park to a relaxing walk, visitors can end up with injuries. Often, these injuries may be caused by the owner or manager’s lack of maintenance or supervision of the venue. On the other hand, sometimes completely unrelated things like weather conditions, the victim’s activity, or current state of health may cause the accident.

Next, we will see the most common accidents that we can find in recreational places.

Uneven walking surfaces. People of all ages can experience a trip/slip and fall accident due to uneven surfaces. Therefore, the venue must make sure that walking areas are in good condition, with a smooth and safe surface, and no obstacles or risks that could cause an accident. If the surface presents a potential danger, it is crucial to place warning signs for visitors to avoid these paths and avoid accidents.

Sports injuries. People often go to parks to play different types of sports. Often, these games can end in injuries such as scrapes and cuts, broken bones, sprains, bruises, and more. Therefore, visitors must consider the risks involved in these sporting activities and take the necessary precautions.

Weather-related injuries. One of the main dangers associated with the weather is being exposed to high heat levels, and even worse when people play sports in high temperatures. Dehydration and heat illness are the two leading causes of medical problems in these cases. Therefore, it is crucial to stay properly hydrated and avoid being exposed to high temperatures for long periods of time.

Personal health problems. Not all people who attend a recreational place are in good physical condition. Sometimes, overdoing an activity can have consequences like heart attacks, asthma attacks, and decompensation for people with diabetes or similar conditions.

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