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Does Suing for Personal Injury Mean I’m a ‘Bad Person?’

Posted by Siamak Vaziri | Feb 21, 2023 | 0 Comments

If there is one phrase that we personal injury lawyers hear often, it is this: “I'm not the suing kind.” This is particularly true when it comes to personal injury cases. When you are injured in a car accident or some other type of traumatic event, you are thrust into the personal injury claim process, even if you are reluctant to go through with it.

At the Vaziri Law Group Personal Injury Attorneys, we often hear clients tell us they just want it all to be over so they can move on with their lives. Contrary to the media's and Hollywood's portrayal of personal injury lawyers as ambulance chasers who are waiting to make money off the suffering of others, reality paints a different picture.

Statutes for personal injury lawsuits in California

You Are Not a Bad Person for Wanting to File a Lawsuit

In our law offices, we see clients who make the mistake of rushing into a settlement or taking an unfair, lowball settlement from an insurance company because they don't want to sue – even though they are facing mounting medical expenses, lost wages from their car accident and host of expenses that crop up when they are injured and unable to work. Most people are compassionate human beings who worry about how a lawsuit might negatively impact defendants and their families.

No matter how often we hear these comments and sentiments from our clients, it never ceases to amaze us. So, in this article, let us look at why personal injury law is a boon to the average citizen. Filing an injury lawsuit is often the last resort for injured victims who seek not just monetary compensation for their losses, but to hold negligent parties or wrongdoers accountable. Here are some of the reasons why filing personal injury lawsuit might be the best option for you and your family.

The Insurance Company Pays the Damages

It is important to remember that in a vast majority of cases, it is not the defendant who actually pays the damages. It is their insurance company. For example, if you have been injured in a pedestrian accident because of a distracted driver, the motorist's insurance company will pay the damages, not the driver. Similarly, if you suffer a slip-and-fall accident in your favorite restaurant, you do not have to worry that you are going to put a family out of business. Their liability insurance will help pay for your medical bills and other costs related to your slip-and-fall injury.

Not Seeking Damages Isn't an Option

Think about all the stress one could face after a traumatic incident. The stress is not just physical, but also emotional and financial. It is an unfair burden for victims and families to be saddled with medical expenses and financial losses because of an accident that was not their fault. The financial setbacks stemming from these incidents could cause significant hardships not just for the injured victims, but also for their families. In fact, in some cases, it could change the trajectory of a family's finances for generations.

Lawsuits Help Make the World a Safer Place

There is no question that we would not have the laws and safety measures we have in place today but for personal injury and product liability lawsuits. Lawsuits gave us seatbelts, the safety stop on saw blades, “slippery floor” signs in public places, safety mechanisms in escalators, to mention a few. There is no denying that a small percentage of lawsuits are frivolous. However, personal injury lawsuits are often a force for good that drive innovation and technology that paves the way for a safer world. It may make it worth hiring a personal injury lawyer.

When Should You Consider Suing?

Here are a few important reasons why you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit:

  • You suffered injuries that are having an impact on your life.
  • You are incurring medical expenses.
  • You are losing income because you are unable to work due to your injuries.
  • Someone else's negligence or wrongdoing caused your injuries.
  • You were injured by an uninsured or underinsured driver.
  • You were injured in a hit-and-run collision.
  • You have suffered catastrophic injuries that have led to permanent injuries and long-term or lifelong disabilities.
  • You have lost a loved one as the result of a traumatic event.
  • A governmental entity, agency or a government employee was responsible for your injuries.

You Don't Have to Do It Alone

In conclusion, please remember that you are simply exercising your legal rights when you file a personal injury lawsuit. Also a vast majority of personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court and do not go to trial. Regardless, you do not have to go through this process alone.

At the Vaziri Law Group Personal Injury Attorneys, our personal injury lawyers will be with you every step of the way – right from your initial consultation until you receive compensation. We do not charge any fees unless you are compensated for your losses. We also take care of court filings, collecting and compiling evidence so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Call us to schedule your free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation. We are here to help you.

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