Findlaw Attorney Marketing Case Study

Findlaw Case Study

Case Study Focus

Vaziri Law Group, APC purchased Findlaw's “California Exposure Pack” for personal injury for one year. During that year, $60,372.72 was spent, 271 leads were received, and zero cases were signed from this marketing channel.

Who We Are

Vaziri Law Group, APC is a California-based personal injury law firm. Since 2006, Siamak Vaziri and the Vaziri Law Firm have helped secure over $1 Billion in compensation for personal injury victims.

Why We Turned to Findlaw

The Vaziri Law Group regularly tests different marketing channels to help find new sources of clientele. We wanted a system that was easy to track and had a history of successful clients. We reached out to our network and found two personal referrals for Findlaw. We hoped that we'd receive enough cases from Findlaw to justify its expense and solidify Findlaw as a permanent client acquisition source for the firm.

Sign Up Process

Upon reaching out to Findlaw we received immediate communication. Customer service was helpful and quick to respond. Our rep suggested the California Exposure Package, which would allow us to get the most visiblity out of any other directory products/services. Minimum contract length was one year, so we signed on for one year.

Case Study Results

According to Findlaw analytics, the California personal injury exposure package drove 46,907 impressions of our firm on from the advertising and 1,227 total clicks which was broken down to 995 clicks to website, profile and reviews and 232 clicks to call/email. We also received 592 total firm and attorney FindLaw profile views and 129 clicks from the firm/attorney profile views – 103 clicks to website and reviews and 26 clicks to call and email. 

Many of the leads were for different practice areas than ours, and many others were solicitations of some kind. We spent significant time tending to the leads properly, making sure to answer calls and follow up quickly. In the end we were unable to sign a case from the program and cancelled.

Although Findlaw support was always quick to respond and try to help, we were never able to sign a case from the leads we received from Findlaw. 

In total, we received 271 leads for $60,372.72. We did not sign any cases from this spend.

Signed Case Results

Despite hearing about success from other firms with similar packages, this marketing channel was not a success for us. We were not able to sign any cases. The reasons why are unknown, but we do have a robust client intake system to help address any client or potential client concerns.

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