How to avoid a car accident due to tire failure
Vaziri Mayo 13, 2022

It is crucial that the tires on your vehicle are in good condition and with the correct pressure at all times. Tires maintain your vehicle’s grip on the pavement, maintain its stability when traveling, and help stop your car in case of an emergency, which is why – when talking about safety – they are one of the most important components of a vehicle. 

How often do you check your tires?

Do you make sure that they are in good condition, that there is not too much wear, and that they always have the correct pressure? 

Imagine driving down the highway – calmly and within the speed limit – and suddenly you hear a loud rumble and feel your car spinning out of control. Scary, right? Unfortunately, these tire failure situations do occur and can result in devastating accidents.

Checking our tires with regularity can keep us safe and help prevent car accident tragedies. Here are some tips that you can follow to give them good maintenance:

Maintain your tire pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Not only can low tire pressure create a problem, but too much pressure can cause tires to wear out faster. In addition, keeping the tires at the proper pressure helps fuel consumption. Check what the recommended pressure is; you will usually find it in the manual of your car.

Check the wear of your tires. All tires should have a tread of a certain depth, which helps the tire to have a good grip on the road. This is especially important when driving in the rain, snow, or on wet pavement. If this depth is less than 3/32 inches, it’s time to start thinking about changing your tires.

Check the condition of the tires. Sometimes tires can end up with something stuck inside the tread, from a stone, trash, nails, glass, etc. And in some situations, due to different factors such as blows with sidewalks, etc., tires may even have bumps. So you can either check them regularly yourself or take them to a tire specialist to ensure that they are in good condition.

Remember, keep yourself and your family safe. And if you are ever involved in an accident, give our car accident attorneys in California a call! We would love to be able to help you!

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