If You Are Wrongfully Accused of a Car Accident, what should you do?
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When we are involved in a car accident, it can be confusing and frustrating. There are times when determining liability for an accident is very easy due to the obviousness of the circumstances. However, there are other times when it can be a bit more complex, and you could even end up wrongly accused of having caused it.

If you or a loved one ever find yourselves involved in such a situation, here are some of the dos and don’ts to help you:

  1. Immediately call 911 to request the police and emergency services. No matter how minor the crash may have been, it is always important to call the police so they can make an official report of what happened. The emergency services will also prepare a document on any medical care you may have needed at the scene of the accident.
  2. Collect as much evidence as you can. This information will be beneficial in case you decide to start a legal process. If possible, take photos of everything you can! Photos of how the cars ended up on the road, photos of the damage your vehicle suffered, photos of your injuries, photos of nearby traffic signs, photos of passenger injuries, photos, photos, photos. All of this can help rebuild the accident during a legal process and will be essential evidence for your case. Similarly, get the contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident. Witnesses can be of great help during the investigation.
  3. Do not admit any responsibility for the accident. This is vital. Many times, when in a confused state, we can utter words of apology without thinking. Be very careful of what you say so that it is not construed as an admission of guilt. There are many things you should not say after a car accident. Wait for the confusion to pass so that you can take a closer look at what happened.
  4. Do not provide any statements to insurance companies. It is likely that days after the accident, the insurer will contact you to request a statement with the excuse of expediting your claim. However, this statement could be used against you. Do not agree to make a statement or comment without first consulting an attorney.
  5. Hire a California car accident attorney as soon as possible.
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