Automobile Accidents

The majority of California residents get behind the wheel of a car every day. Driving has become so routine for people that many forget just how dangerous driving is. When you join the road as a driver, you are not only trusting your knowledge, attention, and ability; you are also trusting the car itself as well as the judgment of everyone else on the road. Unfortunately, things often go wrong.

Considering how prevalent motor vehicles are in California, it is prudent to plan for what to do if you are ever in a collision. If you do wind up injured in a collision caused by another driver, you will want the legal team at the Vaziri Law Group on your side.

Driving in California:

In California, driving is one of the main modes of transportation. According to our state’s Department of Transportation, more than 15 million vehicles were registered in the state in 2018, and millions more are visiting every year. In 2019, 3,540 people lost their lives in traffic accidents in California, a slight increase from the year before. According to the Los Angeles Times, there have been 15,000 fewer collisions and 6,000 fewer injuries per month due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although that’s great news, as a driver or passenger in this state, it is crucial to be aware of just how risky driving can be and to stay vigilant on the road.

How Vaziri Law Group Can Help:

If you wind up in a collision, your first step should be calling the Vaziri Law Group. Our legal team is very familiar with car accident cases and will work hard to secure the damages you deserve. Once you contact us for representation, we will take the following steps to support you through this challenging process:

  • We will take your statement and begin collecting evidence. Our goal will be to prove that the other driver’s negligence caused your accident and subsequent injury.

  • We will make sure that you are receiving the healthcare you need to recover or manage your injury.

  • We will support you financially. Our initial consultation is free, and we do not collect payment until you receive your funds from the defendant. We will not settle for anything less than the maximum that you are entitled to.

  • We will make a plan for getting your life back on track. Sadly, a full recovery may not be possible for you, but we will work with you to ensure that your quality of life post-accident is as high as possible.