Lyft/Uber Accidents

Rideshare applications, like Uber and Lyft, are incredibly popular. Rideshare accidents can become incredibly complicated if one occurs. Between the rideshare driver, the rideshare passenger, the rideshare company, and a third-party driver, liability and insurance claims can become confusing, fast.

 If you are injured in a rideshare accident, you will need a good lawyer on your side. An experienced attorney, like the attorneys available at the Vaziri Law Group, will have a good understanding of rideshare liability rules and will able to secure the damages that you deserve.

Rideshare & Liability:

When it comes to rideshares, three parties may be liable for an accident: 1) The rideshare driver if they are acting negligently, 2) Another driver that collides with the rideshare driver, 3) The rideshare company itself. To help determine where liability rests, rideshare applications assign three stages of work for their rideshare drivers:

Period 1: The rideshare driver is working, but they do not yet have an active rider. This means that they are in their car with the application and are ready to head to a passenger when a request comes in.

Period 2: The driver has accepted a rider and is en route to their destination. The driver has an active assignment, but the rider is not yet in the car.


Period 3: The current assignment. The time in which the rider is in the vehicle with the driver and both are en route to the rider’s destination.

If the rideshare driver is not actively engaged with the app, they are not considered a rideshare driver, and they revert back to their status as a private driver in their own vehicle. Liability and insurance coverage vary depending on the period the driver is in at the time of the collision. 


The legal team at the Vaziri Law Group will determine how much insurance coverage is in effect and how much damages the injured party is entitled to. Your attorney will interface with insurance companies, build your case, and secure compensation. Rideshare accidents are not normal car accidents, so you want Vaziri Law Group specialists working in your best interests.