Premises Liability

Premises Liability cases are more commonly known as “slip and fall cases,” but that does not mean that this type of personal injury law is limited to slipping on wet surfaces. Premises liability cases deal with any injury that occurs as a result of unsafe conditions. 

This can mean that someone slipped and fell, tripped and fell, or somehow became injured due to their environment. Under the law, property owners must take “reasonable care” of their environment. If they fail to do this, and someone becomes injured, the property owner can be held responsible for any injuries that occur.

Common Types of Premises Liability Cases:

  • Pool accidents. If not properly cared for or maintained, pools can become exceedingly dangerous.

  • Elevator and escalator accidents. If not adequately maintained or marked, these devices can quickly become very dangerous.

  • Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. Hazards on the floor, wet surfaces, and uneven stairs can all lead to significant fall injuries.

  • Asbestos or led related illnesses. If you wind up ill after ingesting poison in a particular environment, you have solid grounds for a premises liability case.

Factors That Can Make Premises Liability Cases Challenging:

  •  Proving that a property owner failed to maintain reasonably safe conditions at the time of your accident. If you do not take photos immediately following your accident, then the property owner may change the environment to be safer before you or your attorney get the chance to come back and gather evidence. Also, what is considered “reasonable” under the law can vary drastically.
  • The fact that so many parties are involved. Between the injured party, private property owners, business owners, and municipalities determining who is liable for someone’s accident can be particularly challenging.
  • Proving that your injuries are, in fact, due to your accident. Certain types of damages can take hours or even days to fully develop, which means that you may not be immediately ready to file a premises liability case. Once enough time has passed, it becomes challenging to link injuries to an environmental accident.

It can be easy to brush-off premises liability accidents when they occur. If the accident happens in public, it is natural to feel embarrassed and be dismissive of help, but do yourself a favor and take any fall or accident that you have seriously. Once you have documented everything you can see or recall, contact the Vaziri Law Group for legal assistance.