Truck Accidents

Trucks are a vital part of American life. They ship groceries and goods all over the nation, and they are the reason your packages arrive so quickly. That being said, they can create some truly devastating accidents on the road. On average, big rigs and 18-wheelers weigh twenty times as much as a passenger car. 

A weight discrepancy like that all but guarantees significant damage and injury in the event of a collision. If you or a loved one are injured or involved in a trucking accident, you will absolutely need legal support from the Vaziri Law Group.

What Makes Trucks Dangerous?

Size aside, several factors within the trucking industry make these vehicles particularly dangerous:


  • Truckers and trucking companies often ignore safety regulations. Demand for quickly delivered goods is so high that the trucking industry is basically incentivized to work long hours and disregard speed limits. A reckless driver can make a truck incredibly dangerous for everyone on the road.
  • Fatigued drivers. Drivers are often encouraged to work long shifts on very little sleep to maximize delivery times. If a fatigued driver dozes off and loses control of his or her vehicle, it can be nearly impossible to regain control, and a crash becomes imminent.
  • Ill-maintained vehicles. Some companies fail to properly maintain brakes, tires, and lights, making these heavy vehicles unreliable on the road.

Determining Liability in a Trucking Accident:

Liability can quickly become complicated in a trucking accident. Unlike a collision between two private vehicles, trucking accidents involve the truck driver, the trucking company, and the third party involved, all of whom have insurance policies. Also, situations exist in which the truck driver is hired as an independent contractor and will be solely responsible for any damages.

Determining the cause of the accident will directly affect who is liable for damages. To do this effectively and maximize your financial compensation, you will need a knowledgeable legal team that can sort through all of the information and goes after whichever party bears the brunt of the responsibility for your accident.

Do not wait to contact a lawyer after a trucking accident. It will take time for us to gather the evidence and information needed to defend you properly. Our goal is to secure your compensation as quickly as possible, so get us working on your case right away.