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Recoverable Damages in a Car Accident Lawsuit

Posted by Siamak Vaziri | Jun 24, 2022 | 0 Comments

The injuries suffered in a California car accident could range from relatively minor to catastrophic or even fatal. If you have suffered injuries in a car accident because of someone else's negligence or wrongdoing, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent parties involved.

Recoverable Damages in a Car Accident Lawsuit

If you are successful with your car accident lawsuit, you will be able to receive compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering. The typical car accident settlement amount in California is different depending upon the damages sustained. An experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer can help injured car accident victims avoid the pitfalls they may encounter during the claims process and assist them with seeking maximum compensation for their tremendous losses.

What Are Compensatory Damages?

In a car accident lawsuit, compensatory damages and monetary payments made to the victim for economic losses he or she sustains as a result of the car accident. While these damages are awarded for current expenses such as medical bills and lost wages, they must also take into account future expenses such as cost of ongoing treatment of care and wages victims might lose because they might not have the same earning capacity.

Each car accident case is unique because of its set of particular facts and circumstances. Car accidents tend to affect victims' daily lives. Often, the lives of not just victims, but also their family members are dramatically changed.

The experienced car accident lawyers can help injured victims and their families secure maximum compensation for the following losses.

Medical Expenses

If you have sustained medical expenses after a car accident, you should be able to claim those as part of your car accident lawsuit. Medical expenses listed as part of your claim should include the costs such as:

  • Emergency medical care including emergency transportation
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgeries or procedures
  • Rehabilitative treatment such as physical therapy or chiropractic care
  • Medications and medical equipment
  • Occupational therapy

If you have suffered a serious injury that requires medical treatment, our Los Angeles car accident lawyers can help you pursue compensation for the treatment you need right now as well as for the cost of ongoing care and therapies related to your car accident injuries.

Lost Wages

In addition to medical expenses, you can also claim money you lost because you couldn't work as you recovered from your injuries. At the Vaziri Law Group, our lawyers will be able to help you compile evidence of the injuries you suffered and the time you lost because of that as well as how your injuries have reduced your capacity to earn wages at your full potential. In cases where catastrophic injuries are sustained, victims may never be able to return to work. In a car accident claim, you can seek compensation for loss of current wages as well as loss of future wages or loss of earning capacity.

Compensation for Pain and Suffering

This refers to the physical pain and emotional suffering endured by car accident victims. Pain and suffering fall under the category of non-economic damages. While it may be challenging to put a price on the physical and emotional suffering you endure after a car accident, there is no question that it has an impact on the quality of your life. The psychological trauma caused not just by the accident, but also the scarring and disfigurement victims suffer also falls under this category. These are important factors to consider in a car accident settlement.

What to Do If the Insurance Adjuster Offers a Quick Settlement

After a car accident, it may be tempting to accept the first settlement offered by the other driver's insurance company. While you may be in urgent need of money to help pay your medical bills or other costs, it is best not to accept such a quick offer or rush into a settlement without consulting with your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. While the insurance adjuster might speak and act friendly, it is important to remember that they will have primarily their employer's (the insurance company's) best interests at heart – not yours. Your car accident lawyer will fight for your rights and help protect your best interests, every step of the way.

Do You Have to Pay Upfront Fees to a Car Accident Lawyer?

At the Vaziri Law Group Personal Injury Attorneys, our Los Angeles car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee. This means our clients don't pay any upfront fees or costs. You only pay our fees when and if we recover compensation for you through a settlement or a jury award. Our fee is a percentage of your total compensation.

Under California law, car accident victims have two years to file a personal injury claim. However, this could change depending on the circumstances of the incident. For example, if your claim is against a governmental entity, you must file the claim within 180 days or six months.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a crash, the experienced California car accident lawyers at the Vaziri Law Group Personal Injury Attorneys can help you better understand your legal rights and options. Call us at 877-812-1085 for a free consultation  and comprehensive case evaluation.

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