Safety tips when driving near buses or trucks

When you share the road with large trucks or buses, it is essential to recognize their limitations and possible hazards and take steps to avoid an accident. Fortunately, there are some very simple things you can do to share the road safely. Consider the following tips:

Keep out of “no-zones.”

Large vehicles have what is called “no-zones.” These are areas with large blind spots that make you practically invisible to the driver. These areas include the front, directly beside, or close behind the vehicle.

Pass with care.

When attempting to pass a truck or bus, do so with care. Make sure you can see the driver in their side-view mirror. Always use your signal and make sure you leave enough room between you and other vehicles.

Don’t cut off another vehicle.

When you pass, turn, or merge – don’t cut it close! Never cut off or swerve too close in front of another vehicle – especially a large truck or bus. It takes buses and trucks much longer to slow down or stop, which means if you cut it too close, you may not have room for them to stop behind you.

Stay away from the back.

You likely have heard someone tell you not to tailgate while driving. This is especially important when driving near buses or trucks. The immediate area behind a truck is a “no zone.” If the truck or bus stops quickly and you don’t have time to react, your vehicle could crash into the back, which is one of the most dangerous types of collision.

Practice patience

Trucks and buses have certain restrictions for operating, such as speed limiters or lane restrictions. Be patient when driving near these vehicles and recognize it may not be the driver trying to irritate you.

By remembering these safety tips, you can help make the road a bit safer for yourself, your occupants, and everyone else. Driving near trucks and buses can be frightening, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous.