Slip and fall accidents: What are the long-term effects of a neck injury?
Vaziri February 4, 2022

A fall can cause minor to severe injuries. Whether it was due to a slip, a trip, a third party’s negligence, or a person’s carelessness, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention and understand the possible consequences.

One of the most common injuries in these types of accidents is neck injury. Also known as cervical injury, it can sometimes cause nerve damage that surgery cannot repair. In the worst-case scenario, this type of injury can even lead to permanent paralysis.

There are multiple treatment options in the case of a minor neck injury where there is no damage to the spinal cord. In this case, it can be treated with physical therapy, braces, rest, and sometimes surgical procedures if there are broken bones.

In contrast, a severe neck injury involving broken cervical bones and damage to the spinal cord can cause permanent damage that cannot be treated or repaired surgically.

Our heads are supported by different tissues, joints, bones, nerves, and cervical vertebrae. Therefore, other body parts may also be affected when the neck is injured.

A neck injury can mean that one of the cervical vertebrae breaks. These same vertebrae support the spinal cord, and unfortunately, so far, if either one is injured, medical treatment is very limited. We should also remember that the spinal cord cannot be repaired by itself or by surgical procedures.

Some neck injuries can include:

Muscle contracture. In muscle contracture, the muscles responsible for moving the spine are damaged, causing pain and limited flexibility. Rest and pain relievers can often help these types of injuries.

Whiplash. Whiplash is a condition caused by a sudden and forceful head movement. Also, it can damage the spinal cord and joints. Some of the symptoms related to whiplash include numbness, weakness in the arm, generalized pain, dizziness, among others.

Neck sprain. A neck sprain is an injury to the ligaments, whose function is to hold the bones together. It is one of the most common injuries we find after a fall. Symptoms can include pain, swelling, and poor flexibility.

If you have had a slip/trip and fall accident, it is crucial that you seek medical attention immediately. We also advise that you speak to an experienced lawyer to talk about your options and the possibility of getting compensation.

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