The Evidence You Need for Your Slip and Fall Claim

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common accidents causing injury. They can happen anywhere, to anyone, at any time. While sometimes these accidents are indeed that – an accident – frequently, they are caused by factors that could have been prevented.

Slip and fall accidents are often the results of a negligent property owner. That may include uneven walkways, broken sidewalks, faulty stair railings, unmarked leaks, and many other possibilities. To sue the property owner and get compensation, however, you have to prove that negligence did, in fact, cause your injuries.

How do you do this? Here is some guidance about what evidence you may need in a slip and fall personal injury claim:

  • Photographs: If you can, or have someone who can, take pictures of the accident scene. Take note of the area around the accident as well. Is there a spill? An unmarked hazard? Photograph it.
  • Video: Many public places have video surveillance. See if you can obtain a copy of the video footage that shows the accident. This can be highly useful in proving you did nothing to cause the accident.
  • Witness Statements: Witness statements or testimony is an essential piece of evidence. Witnesses can describe what they saw leading up to the accident and in the immediate aftermath.
  • Medical Evidence: Perhaps the most crucial and credible piece of evidence is medical evidence. After a slip and fall, get medical attention and document the cause of your injuries. Keep copies of all medical records, invoices, prescription costs, etc.
  • Expert Witnesses: Sometimes, you need to bring in expert witnesses to prove your claims. That could be a medical expert or an expert in a specific field related to your injury.

Get Help with Slip and Fall Evidence

Not sure how to obtain evidence or get started with a slip and fall claim? The Vaziri Law Group can help. Let our slip and fall attorneys help you build a strong case, prove your injuries, and get the compensation you deserve.