The most common causes of bus accidents
Vaziri December 17, 2021

Bus accidents – public and private – are more common than we would think. According to different investigations, it is estimated that there are approximately 60,000 accidents in the country that involve a bus every year. These accidents leave around 22,000 people injured and, unfortunately, between 200 and 300 deaths.

Like the companies that operate them, bus drivers have a responsibility to take care of the users. And even though all possible precautions can be taken, accidents happen.

Some of the most common causes for which an accident of this type can occur are the following:

  • Bus driver mistakes. As in many traffic accidents, the driver may not respect the signs, exceed the speed limits, and have negligent behavior without taking into account the safety of the passengers. Distracted driving, whether by cell phone use, eating, or dealing with passengers, can lead to an accident. Another important reason is when drivers drive drowsy or feeling very tired, this lowers reflexes to a considerable degree, as when (and another of the main causes of accidents) we consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Lack of maintenance and mechanical failures. Like any motorized vehicle, buses also require frequent maintenance to ensure that they can operate correctly and safely. In any maintenance, it is important to check that all the bus systems are optimal, such as brakes, lights, tires, suspension, etc. If an accident occurs due to mechanical failure, the investigation will determine whether this failure was due to something that could have been foreseen or if it was due to something unexpected.
  • Bad weather conditions. Buses and their drivers also face inclement weather like many of us. Heavy rain, fog, terrible winds, and snow are just some of the environmental phenomena that can affect the vehicle’s visibility and stability and increase the possibility of having an accident.
  • Poor road and highway conditions. Road maintenance is also an important consideration. Pits, uneven surfaces, garbage or other obstacles in the road, repair works, and bad signs can be major causes of accidents. Related Reading How much can you get from a bus accident
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