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Uber Assault Lawsuit

Posted by Siamak Vaziri | May 28, 2023 | 0 Comments

Uber accident driver getting assaulted

In the last several years, a number of women have come forward alleging sexual assault while traveling in an Uber rideshare vehicle. There have been horrifying accounts in the media and in lawsuits of rape and sexual assault. Many of these survivors sharing their stories and bringing forth lawsuits against rideshare companies has increased the scrutiny on how rideshare companies such as Uber recruit drivers.

If Uber's negligent hiring or failure to adequately perform background checks on their drivers results in a sexual assault, victims of such crimes can seek compensation for their injuries and hold the company accountable for its negligence. An experienced Uber accident lawyer will be able to advise victims regarding their legal rights and options.

Uber Sexual Assault Lawsuits

So far, hundreds of women in multiple states including California have alleged in lawsuits that they were kidnapped, sexually assaulted, sexually battered, raped, stalked, harassed and otherwise attacked by their Uber drivers. Lawsuits have also alleged that Uber became aware that its drivers were sexually assaulting and harassing female passengers, but has not taken any steps to prevent these incidents from occurring.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, individuals may be able to file a sexual harassment case against Uber. Sexual harassment is a broad term that includes a range of unwanted sexual behaviors such as unwanted touching such as groping, indecent exposure, masturbation, etc. If you are a victim of sexual assault or sexual harassment in an Uber rideshare, you may be eligible to receive compensation. An experienced Los Angeles rideshare lawyer can help you determine if your case qualifies for legal action.

How Many People Have Been Sexually Assaulted While Using Uber?

Uber reported 141 incidents of rape and 998 incidents of sexual assault overall in 2020 even as the number of trips declined dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Uber received 3,824 reports of sexual assault and misconduct from 2019 to 2020, according to the report, which was the second of its kind.

That number is a 38% decrease compared to the 5,981 incidents reported from 2017-2018, according to company data released in 2019. According to the most recent report, 91% of the victims of rape were riders and about 7% of the victims were drivers. Women made up 81% of the victims were men accounted for about 15% of the victims.

In March 2021, Uber announced it would share the names of drivers who were deactivated over the most severe safety incidents including sexual assaults, which range from non-consensual kissing to rape. The sharing of this information is being handled by a third-party consumer-reporting agency.

How Much is the Average Uber Sexual Assault Settlement?

There is no clear way to determine the average value of an Uber sexual assault settlement. Each and every case is unique with its own set of facts and circumstances. For example, if the assault caused severe physical and emotional trauma, you are more likely to receive more significant compensation than if you had suffered little physical harm and you were harassed. In other words, the value or worth of your Uber sexual assault settlement is likely to be higher if the trauma and injury you suffered were significant.

Sexual assault cases in general have ranged from thousands to millions of dollars. In addition to physical injuries, you may also be able to seek compensation for the emotional trauma you may have suffered as a consequence of the Uber sexual assault. Here are some of the common types of damages awarded to victims of sexual assault:

  • Economic damages: This includes property damage, cost of medical treatment, psychological therapy or psychiatric treatment, loss of income or earning capacity as a result of the assault, and any potential future costs for ongoing recovery.
  • Non-economic damages: These are costs related to losses that are not typically quantifiable such as pain and suffering and emotional distress. Loss of consortium -- which refers to damages paid to the victim's family to cover the emotional impact that might have been caused by the victim's inability to have an intimate relationship with a spouse or partner -- could also be included in this category.
  • Punitive damages: In some cases, courts may choose to award punitive damages to the victim. Such damages are awarded in cases where the negligence on the part of the defendant was particularly egregious.

Uber Physical Assault Lawsuits

In addition to rapes and sexual assaults, Uber riders have also reported physical assaults during rides. Some of these assaults have resulted in major injuries and even fatalities. A number of these survivors are now filing Uber assault lawsuits alleging negligence. Victims of such assaults may be able to seek compensation for their losses by filing a civil lawsuit.

The amount of compensation they could receive depends on the circumstances of the assault and the severity of the victim's injuries. For example, if the assault was so severe that it required you to seek medical attention or undergo surgeries or hospitalization, your case might be worth significantly more. If you were seriously injured in a physical assault while using Uber's services, it is important that you speak with an experienced Uber assault attorney to explore your legal options.

How Long Do I Have To File An Uber Assault Lawsuit?

Under California law, victims of sexual assault have 10 years from the date of the incident to file a civil sexual assault lawsuit. However, it would be in your best interest to file the lawsuit as soon as possible so important evidence that could help strengthen your case is not lost with time. The statute of limitations in your case could also change or shift depending on other factors. In order to obtain more information about the amount of time you may have to file your lawsuit, contact an experienced lawyer right away.

How To Sue Uber

If you have been sexually or physically assaulted while on an Uber ride, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries, damages and losses. When you contact a lawyer who is experienced handling assault cases against Uber, you maximize your chances of receiving fair and full compensation. Call the Vaziri Law Group to find out how we can help you file an Uber assault lawsuit.

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