Understanding Your Privacy Rights as a Personal Injury Litigant
Vaziri December 12, 2022

When we begin the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit, there may be a lot of information that our attorney will request from us in order to build a strong case. Information that we may want to keep confidential so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

In this world where it is now so easy to obtain information that should be kept secret, how do we ensure that we have the right to have our information not disclosed by any means?

Well, the United States Supreme Court upholds a person’s right to privacy. And that’s why when a victim files a personal injury claim, they have privacy rights, rights that an attorney can explain to you based on the circumstances of your case.

Privacy Rights of the Victim in a Personal Injury Case

However, it is important that we are informed about what kind of information we need to disclose and in what kind of situations. Here are some things to keep in mind.

· Medical records. When the injuries suffered by the victim require medical attention, surgeries, treatments, medications, etc., it is important that the lawyer can have this information to know how many expenses have been generated after the accident, and thus be able to calculate fair compensation. . Your lawyer will be able to advise you as to what part of these records can be shown to the defendant’s lawyer, and what is not necessary, or in your interest, to show.

· Payment and/or salary receipts. There are times when the severity of the injuries suffered by the victim prevents him from returning to work, continuing the type of work he did before the accident, or even, in serious situations, being unable to work and earn income. This information will also be crucial in considering lost wages, loss of earning capacity, or change in financial situation should the victim need to seek another employment option. Everything is also an important part when setting an amount for compensation for damages.

· Social networks. Access to information from your social networks is not as private as you might think. The charging party may request access to them to see if they can use any of the information against you. Remember that anything you post regarding your accident could jeopardize your case.

It is important that you have the expert advice of a lawyer specialized in personal injuries, who can take care of your interests and guide you on how to carry out the process. At the Vaziri law firm we can help you, contact us as soon as you can!

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