What should I do while waiting to receive a personal injury settlement?

After a personal injury accident where the victim was personally injured, medical bills and other expenses start to add up quickly. There are times when, in addition to this, the person may be unable to go to work, and require some time to rest and away from their work activities.

Unfortunately, no one can determine the amount of time it may take for a personal injury lawsuit to reach a resolution.

Each case is unique, and the circumstances in which the accident occurred must be carefully considered and analyzed.

If you or a loved one find themselves in this situation, waiting for your personal injury claim to settle, here are some of the things you can do during in the meantime:

What To Do While I Wait For The Resolution Of My Case.

Stay in touch with your attorney. Until both parties reach an agreement out of court, or until it is determined whether your case will go to trial, it is important to stay in contact with your attorney. They may require additional information during the stages of the process, so you must remain available during this time. If you are planning on changing your residence, telephone, or going on vacation, let your lawyer know where and how they may be able to reach you if needed.

Continue medical treatment for your injuries. Follow all the instructions of the doctors, and do not interrupt your medical treatments. Attend all of your consultations, and if there is any change in your injury, in case it gets worse, it is important to notify your attorney.

Avoid discussing your case with third parties. It is extremely important that the details of your claim be kept confidential between you and your attorneys. If this information gets into the wrong hands, your entire case could be jeopardized, and therefore your chance of getting compensation.

Avoid using social networks. In the same way, any information you upload to your social networks could be used against you. If possible, stay away from them and avoid using them for the duration of your legal process.

Gather as much documentation as possible. Keep as many medical receipts as possible, communications with the insurer, with your place of employment, and any information that may form part of the evidence.

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