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Verdict: $409,000 Verdict in Auto Accident Case

Case Overview:

The Vaziri Law Group is pleased to announce a favorable outcome in the case of Cynthia Aida Wells, arising from a motor vehicle accident that occurred on November 2, 2016, on the I-605 freeway ramp to Huntington Drive in the City of Duarte, County of Los Angeles, California. The lawsuit involved Plaintiff Cynthia Aida Wells and Defendant Christine C. Sullivan, now Christine Kennedy, and centered around a collision on the freeway ramp.

Incident Details:

Plaintiff Cynthia Aida Wells was driving a 2016 Hyundai Sonata northbound on the I-605 freeway ramp to Huntington Drive in the number 1 lane. Defendant Christine C. Sullivan, now Christine Kennedy, was driving a 2011 Ford Edge northbound on the same freeway ramp in the number 1 lane. Defendant Kennedy's vehicle collided with the rear of Wells' vehicle, causing a subsequent collision with the vehicle in front of her.

Allegations and Disputes:

Plaintiff Wells alleged that the negligence of Defendant Kennedy caused the accident and resulted in injuries. While Defendant Kennedy admitted causing the crash, she disputed the extent of the injuries claimed by Plaintiff. Additionally, there were disputes regarding the reasonableness and necessity of some of Plaintiff's alleged medical treatment and its reasonable value.

Jury Verdict:

The trial, held in Los Angeles County, involved a careful examination of the evidence and testimonies. The jury deliberated on the nature and extent of Plaintiff Wells' injuries and damages. The outcome was a successful verdict in favor of Cynthia Aida Wells, with the jury awarding $189,000 for past medical expenses, $20,000 for future medical expenses, $100,000 for past noneconomic loss including physical pain/mental suffering, and $100,000 for future noneconomic loss, totaling $409,000.

Client Compensation:

The favorable verdict ensures that Cynthia Aida Wells receives just compensation for her past and future medical expenses, as well as compensation for past and future noneconomic losses, including physical pain and mental suffering.

Vaziri Law Group's Dedication:

This case result exemplifies the Vaziri Law Group's dedication to providing effective representation for clients injured in motor vehicle accidents. The successful outcome underscores the firm's commitment to achieving justice for individuals facing the consequences of negligence.

Moving Forward:

As we celebrate this victory, the Vaziri Law Group remains steadfast in its commitment to advocating for the rights of those injured in accidents. The firm will continue to pursue justice for its clients, ensuring they receive fair compensation for the losses and hardships endured due to the negligence of others.

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