Verdicts and Settlements

  • $806,000

    $806,000 Verdict - On March 10, 2023 a Riverside jury returned a verdict of $806,000 in favor of our client who was the victim of a slip and fall incident at a restaurant in Corona, California. Defendant's maintenance employee was mopping the tile floor around the buffet ar... Read On

  • $6,500,000

    $6,500,000 Settlement - Our client was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer while driving a tractor-trailer. They sustained injuries to the head, neck, back, and shoulders and suffered from mild traumatic brain injury, requiring multiple back surgeries, including fusion surge... Read On

  • $5,850,000

    $5,850,000 Settlement - The defendant failed to come to a stop which resulted in a rear-end motor vehicle accident. There were multiple plaintiffs involved, and as a result, our client rear-ended the vehicle in front of him. Our client had a C-Spine Surgery, suffered a trau... Read On

  • $5,000,000

    Settlement - Our client slipped and fell on spilled food in a famous restaurant, resulting in a non-displaced hip fracture that accelerated a rare, congenital neuromuscular disease that destroys muscle tissue, which could lead to quadriplegia and significant future medical treat... Read On

  • $5,000,000​

    Settlement - Our client sustained a significant traumatic brain injury as a result of tripping and falling on defective stairs. Vaziri Law Group was able to successfully recover $5 million (Insurance Policy Limits) to provide for our clients future medical needs. Read On

  • $5,000,000

    Settlement - Our client was an elderly man riding as a passenger in a city bus when the bus driver made an illegal lane change causing a very bad accident. As a result of the force of the accident our client was thrown out of his seat and collided with the farebox (money collecto... Read On

  • $4,975,000

    Settlement - Our client, a child, was crossing the street with his grandfather in the marked crosswalk when the defendant driver struck our client, causing life-threatening injuries. Read On

  • $4,200,000

    Settlement - Our client was rear-ended and pushed into a third vehicle, resulting in a permanent nerve injury to his lumbar spine. The client was required to have surgery and suffered a permanent foot drop. Read On

  • $4,110,000

    Settlement - Our client was involved in an accident where a plank was dropped on his head from three stories above resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Read On

  • $4,000,000

    Settlement - Our client was involved in a rear-end motor vehicle accident that resulted in being diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  Case settled for policy limits. Read On

  • $6,500,000

    Settlement - Our client was a working as a truck driver when he was rear-ended by another commercial truck. Our client sustained significant injuries to his neck and back requiring multiple surgeries over the course of 3 years and finally the installation of a pain sti... Read On

  • $4,000,000

    Settlement - Our client was a passenger in a vehicle when the defendant swung out into oncoming traffic without making sure the lane was clear. Our client had arthroscopic surgery, a diskectomy, disc replacement, and fusion for cervical spine herniations.  Read On

  • $3,850,000

     Settlement - Clients sustained multiple orthopedic injuries which necessitated surgeries. Read On

  • $3,030,000

    Settlement - Our client sustained neck, lower back injuries and a Traumatic Brain Injury resulting in neck, and a lower back surgery recommendation. Read On

  • $3,000,000

    Settlement - Our client was working at a gas station and was kneeling to work on repairing concrete near the gas pumps when the defendant, in the course and scope of his employment, ran over our client's leg, causing our client to roll under the vehicle and sustain severe damag... Read On

  • $2,995,000

    Settlement - Our clients were traveling eastbound while the defendant failed to stop at the posted stop sign at the intersection. One client had multiple surgeries and a subsequent surgery to address the supraspinatus tendon tear and was recommended artificial disk replac... Read On

  • $2,986,500

    Settlement - Our client injured her neck, back, hip, lower extremities, and bilateral shoulders. Our client underwent two surgeries one to her cervical spine and the other to her lumber spine. Read On

  • $2,930,000

    Settlement - Our client's son was killed by a DUI driver who was in the course and scope of employment while the son was pushing his mother's stalled vehicle.  Read On

  • $2,500,000

    Settlement - Our client was a young lady who was involved in a terrible accident and developed significant pain in her neck and hands as a result of the accident. Vaziri Law Group worked diligently with our clients doctors to determine the source of the pain. Through our use of h... Read On

  • $2,450,000

    Settlement - Our client was a pedestrian that was killed in the early morning hours while jay walking. Read On

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