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Settlement - $9,250,000 Settlement in Auto Accident Case

Case Summary:

Vaziri Law Group partner, David Shay, and his dedicated team achieved a substantial settlement of $9,250,000 on behalf of our client. The lawsuit stemmed from a motor vehicle accident involving a box truck owned and operated by the defendant.

Facts of the Case:

The defendant, while driving a box truck, made a sudden and abrupt U-turn without yielding to traffic conditions, resulting in a collision with our client's vehicle. The impact caused our client to sustain severe and life-changing injuries, including a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), a serious concussion leading to a brief loss of consciousness, cervical and lumbar spine injuries. Our client underwent extensive medical treatment, including a 2-level cervical fusion (C4/C5 & C5/C6), a L5-S1 microdiscectomy, spinal cord stimulation, and ongoing pain management.

Legal Strategy:

Vaziri Law Group partner, David, Shay, crafted a compelling legal strategy, combining thorough investigation, expert testimony, and effective negotiation to secure a favorable settlement for our client. The legal team focused on demonstrating the extent of our client's injuries, the impact on her life, and the negligence of the defendant in making the U-turn without regard for traffic conditions.

Settlement Terms:

After rigorous negotiations, the Vaziri Law Group successfully secured a settlement of $9,250,000. This amount compensates our client for her medical expenses, ongoing treatment, pain and suffering, and the long-term impact on her quality of life. The settlement also reflects the acknowledgment of the defendant's liability in causing the accident and the resulting injuries.

Client Satisfaction:

Our client expressed gratitude and satisfaction with our representation. The settlement not only provides financial relief for her medical expenses but also serves as a form of justice for the pain and suffering she endured due to the defendant's negligence.


This successful resolution underscores the Vaziri Law Group's dedication to advocating for our clients in complex personal injury cases. This case result demonstrates the firm's ability to secure substantial settlements in motor vehicle accident cases involving severe injuries, holding negligent parties accountable for their actions.

David C. Shay

David C. Shay is a partner at Vaziri Law Group. Dave has been a lead trial attorney with the Vaziri Law Group since he joined the firm in 2016.  During that time, Dave has earned a reputation as an innovative trial attorney and a powerful adversary to corporate wrongdoers.  Dave has obtained numerous seven-figure verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured individuals.  Three of Dave's verdicts have been featured among California's “Top Verdicts” in only the last three years. Dave is committed to presenting juries with all of the facts, not just those convenient to large and powerful corporate defendants.

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