Dog Bite Prevention Tips
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Millions of people are dog owners, and they consider their dog a part of the family. Even so, we must realize that dogs have instincts and behaviors that we cannot always understand. Sometimes, that puts us in situations that could be dangerous.

Each year, thousands of people suffer from dog bite injuries. Many injuries are caused by dogs that are well known and trusted. Many dog bites occur because the dog is agitated or is acting on instinct, and the people around it don’t know how to respond. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent a dog bite. Of course, if you do get bitten by a dog it is a good ideas to be familiar with first aid for dog bites.

Being aware of behaviors that signal a dog is agitated will help you have an appropriate response that can diffuse the situation and prevent a severe dog bite injury. Here are some dog bite prevention tips:

  • Respect a dog’s space. Dogs are territorial, and they will protect their home, yard, or people. Never put your hand in a fence or causally open a gate. If the dog doesn’t know you, you could be perceived as a threat.
  • Beware of protective mothers. If you see a mother dog tending to puppies, do not interfere. Mother animals are very protective of their babies and may attack anyone who tries to interfere or mess with them.
  • React appropriately to an approaching dog. If you see a dog approaching you and it is not on a leash, avoid the temptation to turn and run screaming. This could cause the dog to charge. Instead, stand your ground and make eye contact with the dog.
  • Beware of older dogs. Older dogs are often more irritable than younger dogs. Approach older dogs with caution and make sure they see and hear you approaching before you attempt to touch them.
  • Be aware of the signs that a dog is agitated. These signs include:
    • Tail held stiff and high.
    • Tail moving back and forth quickly.
    • The dog looks at you from the corner of its eye.
    • The dog’s nose is wrinkled up and pulled back.
    • The dog’s hair on the spine and neck is raised.
    • The dog is snarling or growling.

These simple tips will help you stay safe. But if the worst happens and you end up with a dog bite injury due to someone else’s negligence, then call Vaziri Law for help and representations. 

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