How are truck accidents different from car accidents?
Vasiri April 9, 2021

Having a car accident is stressful, scary, and can have devastating consequences. No matter how good a driver we may be, accidents do happen, and unfortunately, we find people who act very negligently when it comes to driving.

However, there is a considerable difference between truck accidents and car accidents. Today we will talk about some of these and what you should consider if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being involved in an accident with a truck.

Needless to say, one of the most important differences in these accidents is the impact and results that a collision with a truck can cause. These huge monsters that travel the roads of the United States every day and at all times have a weight that can range from 33 to 44 tons. And that is aside from the weight of the cargo they transport. When one of these vehicles needs to brake, it has to do so in plenty of time to be able to stop so much weight! A situation that becomes difficult when someone or something gets in your way. Of course, the impact that these machines can have against a car can be very severe and have devastating consequences, often life-altering for the people involved.

Another critical difference is that, in a truck accident, more than one insurance company can be involved. Usually, the trucking company will have one insurance, and the driver will have another. When a report is filed for such an accident, one or both parties can be sued. Regardless of this, these companies have large and highly experienced teams of attorneys who are willing to take care of their interests and not those of the victim. Having a lawyer specialized in truck accidents and handling insurance companies will be crucial for you to face these large corporations and obtain the compensation you deserve.

In a car accident, many times, the causes are due to human error. In truck accidents, one of the common causes can be the failure or malfunction of the vehicle. This may be due to poor maintenance, lack of check-ups, or a manufacturer defect, in which case, the latter may also be involved in the lawsuit.