Injuries at Fairs and Festivals
Vaziri July 23, 2021

Throughout the country, we can find fairs and festivals that take place during certain times of the year. And some others who are traveling from place to place to bring fun to American families.

The security measures that these events must follow are very strict; however, as in all circumstances in which the human hand intervenes, there can be errors, and consequently, accidents.

In general, these fairs follow a schedule of dates where it is essential to have everything ready for the scheduled day and then remove, clean, and somehow pack everything to get to the next place.

This is where mistakes can be made, and if we add large concentrations of people and inadequate facilities to that, then we have another recipe for disaster.

Here are some of the dangers that we can find at a fair:

  • Inadequate lighting at night and in dark areas
  • Lack of warning signs for hazards and emergency exits
  • Electric cables exposed or close to areas where there may be risks of accident
  • Mechanical games that can fail due to lack of maintenance or how old they are
  • Negligent behavior on the part of the personnel who operate the amusement rides
  • Safety devices not working
  • Walking areas that are unsafe due to being full of elements or obstacles because of the poor organization of the event
  • Personnel who are not sufficiently trained or qualified to perform their duties adequately.

If you or a loved one are ever injured at a fair or festival, you must report the accident and take the necessary steps to protect yourself should it lead to a lawsuit.

As in any other accident, you must document as much as possible. Take photos of your injuries, and find out if there were any witnesses around you who witnessed the accident. If so, write down their contact information so you can reach them if necessary.

Get medical attention. This can be offered to you within the same event; if not, call 911 if you need it. Consult an experienced attorney in case you have any questions.

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