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Verdict - $1,730,000 Verdict for Motorcycle Crash Against Major Transportation Company

Case Overview: Attorney David Shay of the Vaziri Law Group achieved a significant victory by obtaining a $1,730,000 verdict in a motorcycle crash case against a major transportation company. The defendant steadfastly denied liability for years, placing blame on the injured plaintiff until David Shay's relentless efforts exposed their negligence in court.

Legal Proceedings: The case involved a motorcycle crash where the major transportation company, the defendant, consistently denied responsibility, attempting to shift blame onto the injured plaintiff. Attorney David Shay took on the challenge, meticulously building a case that unraveled the defendant's claims and established their negligence.

Defendant's Denial: The defendant's denial of liability persisted for years, creating a challenging legal landscape. However, David Shay's dedication to justice and thorough investigation revealed the true facts of the case, undermining the defendant's arguments.

Jury Verdict: In a resounding victory, the jury ultimately found the defendants 100% responsible for the motorcycle crash. The substantial $1,730,000 verdict far exceeded the defendant's pre-trial offer by more than twenty times. This outcome underscores the strength of David Shay's case presentation and the clear evidence of the defendant's negligence.

Recognition: The significance of this case was further acknowledged as it was selected as one of the Top 50 Personal Injury Verdicts in California in 2022. This recognition highlights the exceptional nature of the legal victory secured by Attorney David Shay and the Vaziri Law Group.

Client Compensation: The $1,730,000 verdict ensures that our client receives just compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial toll endured as a result of the motorcycle crash. This outcome exemplifies the Vaziri Law Group's commitment to securing favorable results for clients facing powerful adversaries.

Vaziri Law Group's Commitment: This case result showcases the Vaziri Law Group's unwavering commitment to justice and tireless advocacy for clients. Attorney David Shay's skillful representation and determination to expose the truth were instrumental in achieving a favorable verdict against a major transportation company.

Moving Forward: As we celebrate this significant victory, the Vaziri Law Group remains dedicated to fighting for the rights of individuals who have suffered due to the negligence of others. We will continue to pursue justice, holding accountable those responsible for injuries and ensuring fair compensation for our clients.

David C. Shay

David C. Shay is a partner at Vaziri Law Group. Dave has been a lead trial attorney with the Vaziri Law Group since he joined the firm in 2016.  During that time, Dave has earned a reputation as an innovative trial attorney and a powerful adversary to corporate wrongdoers.  Dave has obtained numerous seven-figure verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured individuals.  Three of Dave's verdicts have been featured among California's “Top Verdicts” in only the last three years. Dave is committed to presenting juries with all of the facts, not just those convenient to large and powerful corporate defendants.

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