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$1,850,000 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Case Summary:

Our team achieved a substantial $1,850,000 resolution on behalf of our client's family. The case centered around a tragic motorcycle accident that resulted in the death of our client. The defendant, suffering from moderate to severe cognitive decline due to early onset dementia, was attempting to make a left turn when her compact SUV collided with our client's motorcycle.

Facts of the Case:

Our client, traveling southbound on his motorcycle, encountered the defendant, who was traveling eastbound and attempting to make a left turn. Despite our client's right of way, the defendant's actions caused her compact SUV to collide with our client's motorcycle, resulting in a devastating accident. Tragically, our client suffered blunt force trauma to his body and died at the scene of the collision.

Legal Strategy:

The Vaziri Law Group employed a strategic legal approach aimed at holding the defendant accountable for her negligent actions, despite her cognitive decline. Through thorough investigation and expert testimony, they demonstrated that the defendant's cognitive impairment contributed to her inability to safely operate a motor vehicle, thereby causing the fatal accident.

Settlement Terms:

Following negotiations, the Vaziri Law Group secured a $1,850,000 settlement for our client's estate. The terms of the settlement are confidential, respecting the privacy and sensitivity of the details involved in the case.

Client Satisfaction:

While our client, unfortunately, could not express satisfaction personally, their estate and surviving loved ones appreciated the dedication and compassion shown by the Vaziri Law Group throughout the legal process. The settlement provides a sense of closure and financial support during this difficult time.


The settlement of underscores the Vaziri Law Group's commitment to pursuing justice on behalf of their clients, even in the face of complex and challenging circumstances. This case result highlights the firm's ability to navigate sensitive legal matters with professionalism and compassion, ensuring fair compensation for those affected by tragic accidents. Want to know how much your case is worth? Take a look at our motorcycle accident claim calculator and find out for yourself.

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