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Settlement: $215,622.49 Settlement in Auto Accident Case

Case Overview:

The Vaziri Law Group is pleased to announce the successful resolution of a case stemming from a rear-end collision on the 101 Freeway. The plaintiff, driving southbound, experienced the impact of a rear-end collision when slowing down for traffic ahead. The force of the collision caused the plaintiff to hit the vehicle in front of her, resulting in injuries to her right shoulder, left leg, and lower back.

Incident Details:

The incident occurred when the plaintiff, conscientiously slowing down for traffic on the 101 Freeway, was rear-ended. The impact of the collision led to a secondary collision with the vehicle in front of her. Although the police were dispatched to the scene, uncertainty surrounded the existence of an official police report. Subsequent inquiries to the station yielded no records of a filed report for the day in question.

Injuries Sustained:

The plaintiff endured injuries to her right shoulder, left leg, and lower back as a result of the rear-end collision. These injuries necessitated medical attention and became central to the legal proceedings.

Legal Challenges:

The absence of a definitive police report presented a challenge in establishing an official record of the incident. Nevertheless, the Vaziri Law Group diligently addressed this issue, working to build a compelling case that would secure a favorable settlement for the plaintiff.


The Vaziri Law Group successfully negotiated a settlement that recognizes the plaintiff's injuries and provides fair compensation for the damages incurred. The settlement reflects a resolution achieved without the need for protracted litigation, serving the best interests of the plaintiff.

Client Compensation:

The successful settlement ensures that the plaintiff receives just compensation for the injuries sustained to her right shoulder, left leg, and lower back. This compensation covers medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any other losses arising from the rear-end collision.

Vaziri Law Group's Dedication:

This case result underscores the Vaziri Law Group's commitment to providing effective representation for clients injured in motor vehicle accidents. The firm's ability to overcome challenges, even in the absence of a police report, demonstrates its dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for its clients.

Moving Forward:

As we celebrate this successful settlement, the Vaziri Law Group remains committed to advocating for the rights of individuals injured in accidents. The firm will continue to pursue justice for its clients, ensuring they receive fair compensation for the losses and hardships endured due to the negligence of others.

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