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Verdict - $218,276 Verdict For Auto Accident Victims

Case Outcome: Jury Verdict

Lead Attorney: Matt Taylor, Esq.


Father (Fractured Nose, Soft Tissue Neck and Back Injuries)
Teenage Daughter (Soft Tissue Neck and Back Injuries)
Defendant: Deceased (Represented by Allstate Insurance Company lawyers)


Father: $212,356.48
Daughter: $5,920


Father: Fractured nose, soft tissue neck and back injuries
Daughter: Soft tissue neck and back injuries

Case Details:
The San Bernardino jury awarded compensation to the father and teenage daughter, both victims of a car wreck, after determining that the defendant driver, who had passed away prior to trial, was negligent and responsible for their injuries. The collision occurred as the defendant negligently turned left into the plaintiffs' path of travel, resulting in an offset t-bone collision and airbag deployment. The impact caused a fractured nose for the father and soft tissue neck and back injuries for both plaintiffs.

Legal Representation:
Matt Taylor, Esq. represented the plaintiffs, presenting the case that the injuries were a direct result of the defendant's negligence. The defense, represented by Allstate Insurance Company lawyers, admitted liability at the outset of the trial but denied that the injuries were caused by the crash. The defense argued that the blood on the father's shirt and the airbag was due to dry air and allergies rather than the collision.

Jury Decision:
The jury rejected the defense arguments by 9-3 votes on all questions, affirming the plaintiffs' claims. The awarded amount for the plaintiffs was three times the last offer from the defense at the start of the trial.

The Vaziri Law Group successfully secured a favorable verdict for the plaintiffs, holding the negligent defendant accountable for the injuries sustained in the car wreck. The awarded compensation reflects the severity of the injuries and the jury's rejection of the defense's alternative explanations.

Matt Taylor

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