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Verdict: $3,100,000 Verdict in Landmark Trip and Fall Case

Case Overview: Attorney David Shay of the Vaziri Law Group played a pivotal role in co-trying a case that resulted in a groundbreaking $3,100,000 verdict against a major shopping mall company. This notable verdict marked the largest trip and fall award in the state for that year.

Legal Background: The case centered around a significant trip and fall incident within the premises of a major shopping mall. Attorney David Shay, renowned for his legal acumen and dedication to his clients, collaborated with the legal team to build a compelling case highlighting the shopping mall company's negligence.

Nature of the Incident: The plaintiff in this case experienced a trip and fall incident on the premises of the shopping mall, resulting in substantial injuries. The Vaziri Law Group, under the guidance of Attorney David Shay, undertook a comprehensive investigation to establish the mall company's liability and pursue just compensation for the injuries sustained.

Jury Verdict and Historical Significance: Attorney David Shay's strategic legal approach and meticulous trial preparation were instrumental in securing a landmark $3,100,000 verdict. This outcome not only provided the plaintiff with significant compensation for their injuries but also made legal history as the largest trip and fall verdict in the state for that year.

Recognition of Legal Excellence: The case's historical significance was acknowledged within the legal community, further emphasizing the Vaziri Law Group's commitment to excellence in representation. Attorney David Shay's contribution to this groundbreaking verdict showcases his dedication to securing justice for individuals harmed due to the negligence of property owners.

Client Compensation and Impact: The $3,100,000 verdict ensured that the plaintiff received substantial compensation, addressing the immediate and long-term consequences of the trip and fall incident. This outcome underscores the Vaziri Law Group's commitment to achieving favorable results for clients in complex premises liability cases.

Vaziri Law Group's Commitment: This case result exemplifies the Vaziri Law Group's unwavering commitment to pursuing justice and holding property owners accountable for negligence. Attorney David Shay's role in securing the largest trip and fall verdict in the state for that year showcases the firm's dedication to achieving exceptional outcomes for its clients.

Moving Forward: As we celebrate this historic victory, the Vaziri Law Group remains dedicated to advocating for the rights of individuals harmed due to premises negligence. We will continue to provide relentless representation, ensuring our clients receive fair compensation and contributing to legal precedents that prioritize safety and accountability.

David C. Shay

David C. Shay is a partner at Vaziri Law Group. Dave has been a lead trial attorney with the Vaziri Law Group since he joined the firm in 2016.  During that time, Dave has earned a reputation as an innovative trial attorney and a powerful adversary to corporate wrongdoers.  Dave has obtained numerous seven-figure verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured individuals.  Three of Dave's verdicts have been featured among California's “Top Verdicts” in only the last three years. Dave is committed to presenting juries with all of the facts, not just those convenient to large and powerful corporate defendants.

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