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Any time a person on a bicycle is hit by a larger vehicle, it's the bicyclist who ends up suffering grave or even fatal injuries. This is because bicyclists don't have the protection drivers of other vehicles have in the form of the vehicle's metal frame and safeguards such as airbags and seatbelts. So, when you have a vehicle collide with a bicycle, you often see the motorist escape without injuries. But the bicyclist often suffers catastrophic or even fatal injuries.

The experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys at the Vaziri Law Group are committed to helping injured bicyclists and families of deceased victims receive maximum compensation for their tremendous losses. Whether it's negotiating a fair settlement or arguing your case before a jury, our bicycle accident attorney legal team has what it takes to help you get justice.

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Why Hire The Vaziri Law Group?

Vaziri Law Group Bike Accident Attorneys
  • Our law firm has secured over $1 Billion in compensation for injured clients.
  • We are committed to helping our clients secure maximum compensation for their losses.
  • We have specific experience representing clients in personal injury cases. We only represent plaintiffs and not defendants such as insurance companies or corporations. We are committed to fighting for the rights of those who have been harmed by negligence or wrongdoing.
  • In an effort to make such crucial legal representation accessible to all in Los Angeles, we offer our services on a contingency fee basis. This means you won't pay any costs of fees unless we win compensation for you.
  • We will help you get medical treatment after your bicycle accident so you can get on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

We treat each and every client the way we would want to be treated. With our bicycle accident attorney team, you'll receive timely updates about your case and find that channels of communication are always open.

What Causes Bicycle Accidents?

bicycle accident causes

There are number of different factors that could lead to bicycle accidents. Generally speaking, when motorists are negligent, that puts bicyclists at a far greater risk because of they are more vulnerable on the road. A bicycle accident victim can suffer serious injuries due to the neglect of another. This can lead to a number of common bicycle accident injuries such as head injuries, face/eye injuries, fractures, dislocations, strains, etc. Here are some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents in Los Angeles:

Failure to yield:

Street intersections can be absolutely deadly for bicyclists particularly when motorists fail to stop and yield. Often times, we see deadly collisions occur when a vehicle is turning at an intersection and the driver fails to see the bicyclist.

Distracted driving:

We also see a number of bicycle accidents occur when drivers don't pay attention to the road. Even a moment of inattention can prove deadly for bicyclists.

Bike lane incursions:

Bike lanes are there for a reason – to protect bicyclists and give them a safe space on a busy roadway. When motorists fail to respect this space, the consequences can be devastating.

Dooring accidents:

When a vehicle occupant opens a door suddenly without checking for approaching bicyclists, a potentially deadly collision could occur. Bicyclists could suffer traumatic injuries just from the door's impact or they could be thrown onto the roadway where they face danger from other vehicles.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents?

Here are some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents in Los Angeles:

Distracted driving: When drivers fail to pay attention to the road, they are at risk of colliding with bicyclists.

Failing to leave an adequate buffer: Drivers who follow bicyclists too closely and who pass within less than 3 feet of a cyclist increase the risk of a collision.

Speeding: Driving at an unsafe speed or excessive rate of speed increases the risk of a bicycle accident.

Unsafe lane changes: Motorists who are weaving in and out of traffic lanes and making unsafe lane changes are more likely to cause collisions, including those involving bicycles.

Failure to yield: Bicycles have the same rights as the driver of other vehicles under California law. Motorists must yield the right of way to bicyclists as well. Failure to yield often causes devastating bicycle accidents.

Impaired driving: Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs puts everyone on the roadway at risk including bicyclists.

If you were seriously injured in a bicycle accident, regardless of how it happened, it is crucial that you speak with an experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible to make sure that your legal rights and best interests are protected.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accident Injuries?

One of the most common causes of major injuries in a bicycle accident is getting struck by a motor vehicle. When a vehicle strikes a bicycle, it is the bicyclist who often suffers catastrophic or fatal injuries. On impact, a bicyclist may get thrown off the bike and hit the windshield of the vehicle. The bicyclist may also get thrown on the pavement. In these scenarios, bicyclists could potentially suffer major trauma including head and spinal cord injuries. These are the types of injuries that often result in permanent disabilities or deaths.

Another common cause of major injury is when bicyclists fall off their bicycles. Such an accident may occur due to a dangerous roadway condition or because of a bicycle defect. In such cases, bicyclists may suffer injuries such as broken bones, lacerations or even road rash. While injuries such as broken bones may not be life threatening, they may take a long time to heal, require rehabilitation and could lead to disfigurement or deformities.

The cause of your bicycle accident is connected to the nature and severity of your injuries, which in turn could have an impact on the value of your bicycle accident settlement. An experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney will be able to guide you through what can be a complex legal process.

How Can Bicyclists Prevent Bicycle Accidents?

While negligent motorists cause a number of bicycle accidents, there are also certain safety precautions bicyclists can take to avoid collisions.

Make visibility a top priority

One way to do this is by wearing clothing and gear such as helmets and jerseys that are colorful and bright. Wearing fluorescent colors will make you even more visible. The other component that helps with visibility is lights. Make sure the light you use has the right brightness.

Use the bike lane

California Vehicle Code Section 21208 states that "on a roadway with a bike lane, bicyclists traveling slower than traffic must use the bike lane except when making a left turn, passing, avoiding hazardous conditions, or approaching a place where a right turn is authorized." The law bars anyone from parking in or obstructing a bike lane.

Utilize hand signals

Be sure you signal every move so your intention is very clear to motorists around you. It is a good idea to use hand signals whether you are riding in a group or by yourself. This makes your movement predictable and known to others on the road.

Avoid busy or crowded roadways

Whenever possible, avoid roadways that have high-speed traffic or a heavier volume of traffic, particularly large vehicles such as big rigs. Speed also increases the risk of serious injuries in a bicycle accident.

Use a bicycle mirror

This is a good way to improve safety. While you don't need to constantly look at the mirror, it will alert you if an inattentive driver, for example, is about to hit you from behind.

Proving a Bicycle Accident Claim

Proving a Bicycle Accident Claim

When we look at some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents, it becomes apparent that negligence on the part of motorists is often a major factor. Depending on the nature and circumstances of an accident, a number of different parties can be held liable. For example, the motorist can be held liable if he or she caused the bicycle accident. In addition, a motorist's employer can be held responsible if the collision occurred when the driver was on the job. If, for instance, the person who injured you was delivering packages, his or her employer can be held responsible for your bicycle accident injuries as well.

There are also other parties that can be held liable in bike accident cases. If a dangerous or defective roadway caused your crash, the governmental entity responsible for maintaining the roadway can be held accountable. If you were injured because of a defective bicycle or faulty bike part, the manufacturer of those products can also be held liable for your losses.

In a bicycle accident case, the burden of proving negligence is on the plaintiff. This is why you need an experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer on your side who will thoroughly investigate your case, help determine fault and liability, and build a strong case that will help you secure maximum possible compensation.

Financial Compensation for Bicycle Accident Victims

Bicycle accidents have the potential to result in catastrophic injuries that could upend lives. Victims suffer severe injuries in bicycle accidents including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, internal organ damage and lacerations that could lead to blood loss. Sadly, many bicycle accidents in Los Angeles also prove fatal.

The bicycle accident lawyers at our law firm will help calculate the value of your claim, which will depend largely on the severity of your injuries and the extent of your losses. Injured bike accident victims can seek compensation for their losses including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income / lost wages and loss of earning capacity
  • Ongoing medical treatment and care
  • Permanent injuries and disabilities
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Past and future pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of life's enjoyment
  • Emotional distress

Free Consultation With a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Bicycle accident attorney free consultation

In California, the statute of limitations to file a personal injury case is two years. However, there are exceptions. Sometimes, that deadline may be a lot sooner. If you plan to bring a claim against a governmental entity, you must do so within 180 days or six months from the date of your accident.

Bicycle accidents can leave victims struggling with significant physical, emotional and financial challenges. This is why you need an experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer on your side as soon as possible. At the Vaziri Law Group, we are committed to helping seriously injured clients and their families get back on their feet. If you have suffered injuries call our personal injury lawyer team today at 310-777-7540 for a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation.

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