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Settlement - $2,450,000

Pedestrian Accident - February 2023

Our client was a pedestrian that was killed in the early morning hours while jay walking.

Case Background:

Type of Case: Pedestrian Accident
Date of Incident: February 2023
Settlement Amount: $2,450,000

The Accident:

In the early morning hours, a devastating incident occurred as our client, a pedestrian, lost their life while jaywalking. This tragic accident resulted in the untimely passing of our client.

Legal Advocacy and Dedication:

At Vaziri Law Group, APC, we understand the profound impact that pedestrian accidents can have on families and loved ones. Although this case involved a tragic loss, our legal team is dedicated to providing support and guidance to the surviving family members.

While the circumstances surrounding this case were undoubtedly challenging, our commitment to our clients' well-being remained steadfast.

The Settlement:

We recognize that no amount of compensation can ever fully address the loss of a loved one. However, our legal team worked diligently to secure a settlement of $2,450,000 on behalf of our client's surviving family. This settlement, while symbolic in nature, is a testament to our dedication to helping the family through this difficult time.

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