How Long After a Car Accident do you Feel Pain?


One of the most common consequences of being in a car accident is pain. As Los Angeles car accident lawyers who represent injured victims, we know that pain should never be ignored, even when you don't have an apparent injury or “feel fine.”

Pain can draw your attention to injuries that may not be visible and help you determine if you require medical attention and care.

When Will the Pain Subside After an Accident?

Fast Recovery

  • Suffered minor injuries
  • Was wearing seatbelt
  • Was going slow at time of collision
  • No pre-existing injuries

Slow Recovery

  • Suffered serious injury
  • Was not wearing seatbelt
  • Was going fast at time of collision
  • Had pre-existing injuries

After a major accident, pain is normal because your body has such experienced significant trauma. However, how long you remain in pain might depend on a number of factors including your position in the vehicle; whether or not you were buckled up; the type of vehicle you were in; the speed of the crash; and whether you had a pre-existing injury.

There is no surefire way to tell when you will stop being sore after a car accident. Your doctor should be able to provide you with an assessment and a treatment plan. Regardless of how you “feel” after a car accident, it is absolutely essential that you get checked out by your doctor as soon as possible so you can receive the treatment and care you need to make a quick and full recovery.

Common Reasons for Pain After an Accident

People suffer pain after an accident for a variety of experiences. Often, pain is an indicator of the type of injury you may have suffered. Some of the most common reasons for pain after a crash include:


This is one of the most common injuries to occur during rear-end crashes. This injury is caused by your head whipping back and forth during a crash. Whiplash can cause severe injuries to your neck and back resulting in herniated discs, which could cause severe pain.

Sprains and strains:

The impact of a collision can cause your body to move in ways that could strain your muscles causing sprains or strains. These types of injuries could cause inflammation and/or pain.

Traumatic brain injuries:

If you hit and injure your head during the accident, there is a good chance that you will feel sore. You may experience a headache. In some cases, the pain may be worse. Regardless of the degree of pain, it is critical that you get medical attention if you've suffered a brain injury after a car accident.

Spinal injuries:

Car accidents are the number one cause of spinal cord injuries in the United States. Spinal injuries can leave victims with chronic pain. These are also injuries that require prompt medical attention and care.

My Pain Came Out of Nowhere. What Should I Do?

After a car accident, it is fairly common to experience a delayed onset of pain. Because of the adrenalin rush after a terrifying event such as a car accident, it is common for many not to experience pain or other injury symptoms immediately after a crash. Some injuries such as whiplash simply do not present right away.

So, if you didn't schedule a visit with your doctor after the crash, but suddenly start to feel pain, you should see your doctor immediately. Just because the pain surfaced slowly, it doesn't mean it's not serious.

woman experiencing pain after car accident

Importance of Keeping Track of New Symptoms

It is important that you are acutely conscious of what your body is telling you after a car accident. For example, if you suffer a headache after the crash, you may think taking some rest might solve the problem. However, if you are beginning to experience other symptoms along with the headache such as memory loss, confusion and behavioral changes, you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

It is also important to remember that putting off treatment is never a good idea when you are experiencing pain after a car accident. If you are worried about medical bills, an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help you exercise your legal rights to recover compensation to cover those costs.

What Should I Do If I Continue to Experience Pain?

First and foremost, make sure you schedule a visit with your doctor so you can be thoroughly examined. Early diagnosis and treatment of an injury could put you on the path to recovery much faster.

Be sure to follow your doctor's orders. For example, if the doctor asks you to take it easy for a few days or writes a note for you to stay away from work, do so. Our lawyers can help you seek compensation for loss of pay.

How Chronic Pain Can Affect the Value of Your Case

There are times when pain after a car accident can remain for a very long time. This type of pain is known as chronic pain. This is common in situations where car accident victims suffer major injuries such as broken bones, head and neck trauma. Such injuries can have an impact on your personal injury case. Because pain is viewed as a part of non-economic damages in a car accident case, the amount you receive could vary based on the following factors:

  • The severity of your pain
  • How long your pain persists
  • The type of pain your experience
  • Whether your pain responds to treatment
  • How the pain limits you or interferes with your day-to-day activities
  • Whether your pain prevents you from experiencing and enjoying your life

Common Costs in a Car Accident Injury Case

Pain plays an important part when we assess the value of a car accident claim. Some of the common costs in a car accident injury case include:

Medical bills to help alleviate or treat the pain

Lost wages because of limitations to how much you can work

Pain and suffering, which takes into account not just physical pain from the injuries, but also the emotional cost

Loss of companionship, especially if pain prevents you from having intimacy with your spouse or partner

Loss of life's enjoyment

When Should You Speak with a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer?

If you are experiencing pain after a car accident, get prompt medical attention and contact a personal injury attorney right away. At the Vaziri Law Group, we can help review your medical records and talk to your medical providers. We will interview expert witnesses such as pain specialists who can attest to your condition. We will help calculate current and future costs to treat and alleviate your pain.

When you are experiencing pain, legal action may be the last thing on your mind. But, it is the best way to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and receive ongoing treatment and care. Call the Vaziri Law Group at (310) 777-7540 for a free consultation today.

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